Wooden Bridge Add-On [ Painted ]

***Yes, this is available! Email, webform or Facebook message us to arrange your order, lead time is usually around 8-12 weeks***


Add an awesome wooden bridge as an amazing centrepiece to your next dungeon crawl!  This pack comes fully painted with everything you need to create a bridge complete with rope handrails, rock strewn end posts topped with spiked skulls and extra risers and clips.  This pack comes with sufficient hexes and handrails to give you flexibility in the way in which you incorporate the bridge into your layouts and will allow for a 3-hex wide by 5/6/5-hex long bridge. 


Whilst not essential, we recommend utilising this bridge with additional hex riser packs (available separately) to create extra elevation, allowing the bridge to span a void underneath for maximum visual impact (as depicted above).


The Wooden Bridge Add-On includes;


16 x wood bridge hexes (with rope details)

4 x 2 hex rope handrail pieces

2 x 1 hex rope handrail pieces

4 x spiked skull end posts

20 x terrain risers

25 x clips


    Our core terrain packs and expansions are printed on well tuned FDM printers using quaity PLA+ filament.  Our hexes are 41mm point to point and 35.5mm flat to flat. 

    Overlay and statue packs are printed in resin on Epax X1 and Creality LD-002R resin printers.


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