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Talisman Sabre Terrain is a proud Merchant-level Patreon supporter of Masterwork Tools creator Devon Jones (, and his work serves as the inspiration for a large portion of our terrain. 

Additionally, a small number of pieces incorporate elements from publicly available 3D files listed under the 'Creative Commons Attribution' license.  We would like to thank and acknowledge these great designers who have very graciously made their work available for personal and commercial use.

Great Wyvern Statue - Valandar

Irregular Stone Floor - ikDiona

Openforge Dungeon Door - TitanARTillery


Gloomhaven Corners - rbross


Treasure Chest - Kinower


Hex Spike Trap (Gloomhaven) - Wolfiesmith


Swamp/Forest Terrain Tiles 6x6 for RPG and Wargame - kevinrau


Fitz's Most Basic Metal Door

We also use numerous designs by RobagoN from time to time when photographing our terrain, however these do not form part of our packs

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