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Please keep in mind we are not a large company. TST is a partnership of two gamers who are passionate about their own terrain and want to provide others an opportunity to really immerse themselves in their favorite tabletop experience, just as we do! The TST team have jobs, kids and operate out of their own home. We will operate within the limits of our production volume.  We will keep our stock inventory updated on this website so if a pack is listed as available, it's ready to go!


If we don't have stock on hand, you can still place an order but there will be a wait to have your order filled.  The lead time is dependent on a lot of variables, however a painted Dungeon or Cave pack can take in the order of about 8-12 weeks to complete. Think of it as like having your miniatures painted by commission - you’d be given a rough commencement and completion timeframe and if happy to proceed, you pay a deposit to secure your order and pay upon completion. There would be continued communication throughout to keep you apprised of progress.


Also keep in mind 3D printers can require repairs and maintenance, and basically life happens, so there can potentially be delays outside of our control. In such a case any such delay would of course be communicated immediately and we would keep you in the loop with a revised timeframe.

We very much hope this doesn’t dissuade you from using our services, we just want to be fully transparent in communicating the scale and circumstances of our operation.

Thanks for reading and we very much look forward to enriching your gaming experience!

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