Since launching in August 2019, Talisman Sabre Terrain has sold terrain packs to customers right across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Germany.  We have also completed terrain commissions for Cephalofair Games.  Being passionate gamers ourselves, we love to see and hear feedback on our terrain sets!  It's extremely rewarding to learn how our creations transform your gaming experience.  Below are some comments and, in some cases, photos sent to us by customers.

Robert - Quebec, CANADA

'Hi, received the package yesterday. Awesome product! Thank you!...Great product! I've been playing for 10 hours since I got the terrain and it's amazing!'

Isaac Childres - USA (Designer of Gloomhaven)

'...Talisman Sabre Terrain also needs a shout-out for making the greatest Gloomhaven 3D terrain sets I have ever seen for our demo tables'.

Isaac - Boston, USA


Jochem - Essen, GERMANY

'Hi there, I am impressed by [sic] your work! Great and wonderful!'

Dennis - Michigan, USA

Thank you for offering an amazing product. Your dedication, talent and passion are evident!...Even though it's a big purchase, I already feel it's money well spent.  I can't decide what is more impressive, your quality workmanship or your attentive customer service!'

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