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Cave Overlay Pack [ Unpainted ]

Cave Overlay Pack [ Unpainted ]

***Yes, this is available! Email, webform or Facebook message us to arrange your order, lead time is usually around 8-12 weeks***


30 piece cave themed overlay pack compatible with Gloomhaven! This product is supplied unpainted.


These terrain pieces are printed in resin, fully capturing the finer details and quality of these unique sculpts which will bring your table to life.


(Note that we are happy to work with you if you would like an alternate colour used on your dragon eggs in the nests).


The Cave Overlay Pack includes;


6 x rock columns (1 design)
6 x stalagmites (1 design)

6 x 1-hex boulders (3 designs)

4 x 2-hex boulders (2 designs)

4 x 3-hex boulders (2 designs)

4 x nests (4 designs)


    Our core terrain packs and expansions are printed on well tuned FDM printers using quaity PLA+ filament.  Our hexes are 41mm point to point and 35.5mm flat to flat. 

    Overlay and statue packs are printed in resin on Epax X1 and Creality LD-002R resin printers.


    Our terrain pieces are incredibly durable and should provide many years of hassle free gaming.  We also apply a matt varnish protective coat to our painted terrain products to help protect against wear and tear to the paintwork. However, if you have any issues with the quality of our merchandise, we encourage you to get in contact with us and we will work to address your concerns.


    You will pay the minimum shipping fee of $30 up front when you order on our website.  Given the high degree of variance to shipping costs dependent on the size of your order,  whether it ships from Australia or USA and the destination, any balance owing on shipping will be calculated and Paypal invoiced prior to your order being despatched.  Shipping can range between $30 and up to $100.

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