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Complete All In Pledge [Magnetic] (Digital 3D Print Files)

Complete All In Pledge [Magnetic] (Digital 3D Print Files)

Digital print files to allow you to 3D print your own Talisman Sabre Terrain.  These files are compatible with OpenLOCK and magnetisation.



Due to number of STL files this pack includes, and data storage limitations of our webstore, the files you are purchasing will be split across two downloads.  You will download all of our Spring 2021 Kickstarter All In files herein, and upon completing that download, you will receive an automated email with instructions advising on how to download the remainder of your files, namely our Indoor Expansion + Stretch Goals pack.  Please ensure you provide a valid email during your initial download so as to ensure you receive your follow-up instructions.  If you have any issues, please email us at




SPRING 2021 KICKSTARTER ALL IN  (Download 1 of 2)

  • Basic Pledge - Dungeon
  • Basic Pledge - Cave
  • Basic Pledge - Outdoor
  • OpenLOCK clip
  • Riser
  • Maghex conversion tile
  • Hex Floor Storage Solution (SG added June 2021)
  • Wooden Bridge Pack (SG added July 2021)
  • Cave Overlay Pack (SG added July 2021)
  • Statue Pack (SG added August 2021)
  • Fort Pack (SG added August 2021)
  • Cobblestone/Brick Hex Pack (SG added August 2021)
  • Outdoor Pack (added January 2022)
  • Magnetic Compatibility (SG added April 2022)
  • Scenic Riser Pack (SG added April 2022)
  • Docks Pack (SG added June 2022)
  • Water Hexes (SG added August 2022)
  • Outdoor Overlays (SG added September 2022)


WINTER 2022 KICKSTARTER INDOOR EXPANSION + STRETCH GOAL (Download 2 of 2 Provided Separately)

  • Basic Pledge - Indoor
  • All unlocked stretch goals from the Nov-Dec 2022 TST Kickstarter
  • STRETCH GOAL - Town Overlays (Added Dec 2022)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Crypt Overlays (Added Dec 2022)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Dungeon Basic Overlays (Added Dec 2022)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Crystal & Magma Hex Overlays (Added May 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Sewers (Added March 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Shop & Market Walls (Added June 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Town Building & Street Exterior Walls (Added July 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Curb Hexes (Added August 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Castle/Keep Walls (Added October 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Cemetery Walls (Added November 2023)
  • STRETCH GOAL - Water to Dock Transition Hexes (To Be Delivered)
  • STRETCH GOAL - LED Light Functionality (Added May 2023) 
  • STRETCH GOAL - Water to Docks Riser Transition (Added February 2024)
  • Hex riser
  • OpenLOCK clip
  • Maghex conversion tile
  • 3D Print Guide


You will receive email updates moving forward that provide access to stretch goal files as they are completed.


This is a digital product, delivered as an STL file pack to print on your home 3D printer.  You may print these files for your own personal use but you may not sell the printed items or sell/distribute the digital files.

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