Dungeon Expansion [ Unpainted ]

***Yes, this is available! Email, webform or Facebook message us to arrange your order, lead time is usually around 8-12 weeks***


An expansion to our Cave Pack - dungeon terrain!  This pack is unpainted.  This add-on to our cave terrain set includes a multitude of dungeon themed walls, doors and spike pit traps to allow you to create elaborate dungeon themed layouts for Gloomhaven or whatever hex-based game you play.


This pack is designed to integrate seamlessly with the dungeon stone hex designs featured in all of our core terrain sets.


The Dungeon Expansion includes;


4 x flat 1 dungeon walls (1 design)
6 x flat 2 dungeon walls (3 designs)

4 x flat 3 dungeon walls (2 designs)
2 x flat 4 dungeon walls (1 design)
2 x flat 5 dungeon walls (1 design)
5 x point 1 dungeon walls (1 design)
4 x point 2 dungeon walls (2 designs)

4 x point 3 dungeon walls (2 designs)
24 x dungeon columns (4 designs)
8 x dungeon doors (4 designs)
6 x dungeon spike Traps (1 design)


    Our core terrain packs and expansions are printed on well tuned FDM printers using quaity PLA+ filament.  Our hexes are 41mm point to point and 35.5mm flat to flat. 

    Overlay and statue packs are printed in resin on Epax X1 and Creality LD-002R resin printers.


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