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Fort Wall Expansion [ Painted ]

Fort Wall Expansion [ Painted ]

***Please note, lead time is usually around 8-12 weeks.  Upon purchase of this item we will contact you to confirm your order and provide an estimate of expected timeframes for order fulfilment.  Please read and pay close attention to the shipping info below***


An expansion to our Dungeon, Cave and/or Outdoor Packs - fort themed terrain!  This fully painted add-on to our dungeon, cave and outdoor terrain sets includes a multitude of stone columns and pallisade themed walls and doors to allow you to create elaborate fortress/encampment layouts for Gloomhaven or whatever hex-based game you play.


This pack is designed to integrate seamlessly with the outdoor grass/dirt hex designs featured in all of our core terrain sets.


The Fort Expansion includes;


10 x stone columns (1 design)

8 x flat 1 fort walls (1 design)
4 x flat 2 fort walls (1 design)

2 x flat 3 fort walls (1 design)
16 x point 1 fort walls (1 design)

2 x point 2 fort walls (1 design)
2 x point 3 fort walls (1 design)
4 x fort doors (1 design)

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