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Our Indoor/town themed digital file expansion Kickstarter has concluded! Thanks to all of our backers!  Stretch goals will continue to be worked on and rolled out as they are completed.

We understand it can be confusing to know which digital products to buy and what is included etc.  To put it simply, the 'Complete All In' gets you all of the files we have ever designed, offering all of the STLs from both our 2021 and 2022 Kickstarters.  The 'Indoor Expansion + Stretch Goals' pack includes all of the files from just our 2022 Kickstarter.  The 'All In' pack is just the files from our 2021 Kickstarter.

Please note that due to a number of very large physical terrain orders of late, and our continuing work on stretch goals from our recent Kickstarter, our physical terrain is out of stock and we are not accepting painted terrain orders until further notice.  If you're interested in unpainted terrain, drop us an email to discuss.

You can review our products below and order by emailing us, webform submission below or Facebook message. We accept Paypal.  All prices are in USD.  We ship worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping estimate prior to ordering.  European customers please note that Customs import clearance fees may be applicable.




Here's a roadmap of the next terrain projects we want to tackle!


A large number of stretch goals were unlocked during our recently completed digital file Kickstarter.  We will continue to design this additional content and release it by way of email update moving forward.  


We are very keen to design a terrain expansion specifically aimed at Frosthaven.  We're still researching the exact scenario, terrain theme and overlay idiosyncrasies of Frosthaven that will allow us to finalise an appropriate terrain pack to suit.  We anticipate this set of terrain will be an 'update pack' of sorts, designed to plug any gaps between our current offerings and the Frosthaven requirements.  In the meantime, as exhibited at the Cephalofair booth at GenCon 2022, our OG Gloomhaven terrain can look VERY Frosthaven-y when dressed up with snow effects! Stay tuned for more information about Frosthaven!


Now available! Email us to find out more.


Stay tuned...

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It's what we do.

Explore how Talisman Sabre Terrain can transform your tabletop...


Talisman Sabre Terrain (TST) is a partnership of passionate gamers and terrain makers. We founded TST with one goal in mind: to provide high-quality, modular gaming terrain with the point of difference of offering fully painted terrain packs.  We realise that not everyone has the time, inclination or know-how to create beautiful gaming terrain so let us do it for you!

Having said that, if you're adept with a 3D Printer and a brush, you haven't been forgotten. We also offer the digital 3D print STL files for all of our terrain products.  Our hugely popular 'All In' pack is excellent value and will allow you to print a wide array of dungeon, cave, outdoor and indoor themed terrain to create a near endless terrain setup options to immerse you and your friends in battle! 

To find out more about TST, and for answers to commonly asked questions, please check out our      

Painted Gloomhaven Terrain


Painted GloomhavenTerrain

Talisman Sabre Terrain has a commercial OpenLOCK licence. What is OpenLOCK? OpenLOCK is an open-source building system that utilises small clips inserted into channels at the base of each terrain piece to join them together. All of our packs ship with these clips supplied so all you need to do is connect and play!


Each side of our hexes, columns and walls have an OpenLOCK channel which means you have total flexibility in how you want to connect your terrain. There are a number of advantages to the OpenLOCK system;

  • All terrain pieces will break down into individual parts, making it easier to store

  • You can lay out and connect large sections of terrain and move them around as one piece 

  • With connectivity to each side of our hexes, let your imagination run wild with a huge range of setup possibilities

  • Simplicity and strength. OpenLOCK clips and the terrain they connect are as easy to use as they are robust, meaning hassle-free gaming

  • Cross-compatibility. As OpenLOCK is a standardized format, there is potential to pair our terrain with other systems (keeping in mind the unique nature of our hex-based, as opposed to grid, variant of OpenLOCK terrain)




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Brisbane, Australia

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